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At Home + County Road Living Small Space BIG Style

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is have our meals outside. After the long winter I am ready to soak up everything summer has to offer, I decided to give my little she shed a refresh and turn it into our outdoor dining space for the summer. Alex and I had so much fun shopping @athomestores for the space and finding things that would make our meals with friends and family just a little more magical. With limited space in our house and my little shed I’m always challenging myself to create and make our small spaces as cozy and comfortable as possible. You don’t have to have a big space to live beautifully and you certainly don’t have to have a huge budget. Sometimes just adding small touches make the biggest impact, wood textures, pops of color with flowers, rustic linens, add some twinkle lights and we have a cozy new little space to enjoy! 

Wood bowls or vessels are also a great way to store your dining utensils, dishes, and linens.

Set the table, I always find having a theme or idea helps you shop better for what you are looking for. Start with a palette that you have in mind and find one thing to base your space off of, I am always drawn to more neutral colors and textures, maybe you found a beautiful wood bowl or the perfect ceramic dishes that sets the tone of your space, then build your table from there.  Accent with small touches that bring everything to life, if you’re decorating a bedroom or any other small space, start with the same process and it will make it easier to decorate your space.  For our space I wanted a soft but rustic style.  I found some simple jars to place down the middle of the table and filled them with these little delicate flowers from my grandma’s garden. For the rustic elements to offset the softness I used some rustic wood bowls and filled them with bread.

I chose a simple lunch of salad from the garden decorated with edible flowers and yummy homemade bread from our local bakery. For dessert a simple blueberry galette was served on a simple wood charger.

String lights always make things a little more fun! They had a variety of these from the black cords shown here to all sorts of great colors. 

The chairs are the perfect accent to the table. Simple clean lines with an antique finish, these are definitely a new favorite! 

I loved finding these ball jar style glasses that you can write your guests name on. So fun. I used small marble cutting boards for the water bottle and to cut the lemons for our drinks. Stripe napkins of blue and tan stripes add that little touch of summer (and my love of stripes continues).

I hope you challenge yourself to a small space refresh in your own home. Have fun putting pieces together and think outside the box for uses for them, get creative and find pieces that are versatile and can be passed down over the years, and always remember it doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful!! 

23 thoughts on “At Home + County Road Living Small Space BIG Style

  1. Nicely done, very inviting!

  2. Beautiful! Love the clean look. Very inviting space. Thanks for sharing Angie 😊

  3. It’s so beautiful. I love your colours. Everything is so clean and bright. Like the sun always are shining in your rooms. I get so inspirered of your pictures 😃and your stories. But.. I hope you Soon will have a dog or to at your house. They are missed😢it was Such Lovely pics of your Bug and Olive💕 I felt so sad for you. I had my Lovely friend Dinho for 13 years, But I lost her last summer and I still miss her so much so I know how you feel.
    Have a nice summer. Looking forward to see more pictures😃😃👍
    Charlotte from Denmark

  4. You have a beautiful style Angie and I really love your ethic of simplicity and reusing things you already have.

  5. Just gorgeous!

  6. As always a delight to each of our senses…it’s Summerfilled!

  7. What a cute inviting space. Great ideas.

  8. Angie, these photos are outstanding! I had no idea that At Home store had some of these amazing items!

  9. Fantastic Pictures! I especially love the table setting and the lights!

  10. Beautifully put together.Whites and linen,flowers and raw timber vessels my fave combos.And loving the chairs.🌸

  11. Everything looks so summer charming. Beautiful Angie….👌🏻💕

  12. You never disappoint. Love it all. Classic farmhouse living.

  13. Simple but just lovely. Good job Angie.

  14. Simply stylish !!

  15. Angie,
    This is amazing! I have always loved your style.

  16. What a beautiful space it makes me want to redo my home and build a she shed!💕

  17. always beautiful and easy going your space 😊

  18. I so wish you had your own TV show 😜🙌🏻 Loved this blog post. Thanks for sharing

  19. I so wish you had your own TV show 😜🙌🏻 Loved this blog post. Thanks for sharing

  20. I so enjoy pictures of your home. So inviting & a good feeling of a peaceful life.

  21. Oh it’s so beautiful Angie! I love this space…those new chairs are 💕

  22. Wonderfully done!! Clean simple and rustic!!

  23. The She Shed is so cool and y’all did an awesome job shopping for accessories!!!!
    Enjoy your meals there. 🏠

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